Thursday, February 28, 2013

Taillon impresses, others don't.

The ballgame is over here at McKechnie Field, where the Pirates, done in by 14 walks, dropped a 16-6 heartbreaker to the Boston Red Sox.
Pirates manager Clint Hurdle took the day, ugly as it was, in stride.
"It was hard day for us off the mound," he said. "The command wasn't anywhere where we wanted it to be nor where we needed it to be. That's why you have spring training. It's early in spring training. Some of these guys are trying to find their way, and they need to find a way to uncomplicate some things from time to time. So today I'll think they'll be able to step away and figure out some things they may not want to re-do."
The one highlight came courtesy of starter Jameson Taillon, considered the 15th-best prospect in baseball by and Baseball America, and the Pirates' top pick in 2010. Taillon struck out three, allowed one hit, one run (unearned) and a walk in two innings.
It was his first Grapefruit League start.
"I feel like I went out there today and I handled that situation and that stage pretty well," said Taillon, who pitches for Team Canada when the World Baseball Classic kicks off  this weekend. "Being around the guys early in the camp has definitely prepared me for that...I felt pretty comfortable, so from that standpoint, I feel like I've come a long way already."
Hurdle has been impressed with Taillon's poise, on and off the mound.
"I try and watch him in different environments," Hurdle said. "I try to watch him during the stretch, watch him during PFP (pitchers fielding practice) when they're not involved in specific practice drills. So it's not always game action.
"I want to see if he's using his eyes, using his ears. Both him and Gerrit (Cole) have been very good that way."

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