Sunday, March 4, 2012

News, notes and a lament from a chilly ballfield

(photo by John Lembo)

- I lost my Brita. See that blue, oblong thing that appears to hovering in mid-air? That's my Brita water bottle. It blew out of the press box here at blustery McKechnie Field and has been sitting on the screen and mocking me ever since. I loved that thing. No worries, though. Today is my wife's turn to hit the grocery store and she promised to pick me up a new one. Ain't love grand?

- The Pirates trail the Blue Jays 8-3 heading into the bottom of the sixth. Sloppy game. The Pirates have committed three errors in their Grapefruit League home opener, though catcher Rod Barajas provided some thrills. The newly-acquired catcher scored a run in the second and singled home two more in the third.

- Proof that your first instinct isn't always correct: I contemplated wearing shorts today before switching to jeans. So happy I didn't, especially since the press box today is doubling as a wind tunnel.

- A chubby brown cat just ran behind home plate, right past the Blue Jays' dugout and hopped into the third-base stands. Luckily for the Jays the cat wasn't black. Just ask the 1969 Chicago Cubs.

- Did I mention it's cold today?

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