Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Tampa Bay Rays: Men without hats

(photo by John Lembo) It's hot and sunny here at McKechnie Field, but the Tampa Bay Rays are sans caps as they take batting practice.
Most of the Rays recently had their heads shaved to raise money for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, and manager Joe Maddon wants his newly-shorn players to get acclimated to the sunshine.
"We want to sun the domes," Maddon said this morning at McKechnie Field, "before we get into our dome."
The Rays are also wearing their yellow Fortune Favors The Bald t-shirts, so autograph seekers will have to recognize their favorite players by face instead of number prior to today's game.
The haircuts are a hit thus far, said Maddon, who also had his locks shaved last week.
"Nobody's getting a sunburn, not that I've heard of," he said. "Everybody seems to coming along well with it. It's still very popular. It's got really great reviews from each guy who got their hair cut. They kind of like themselves, they're digging themselves, and it's something they may do again in the future on their own volition."

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