Sunday, March 17, 2013

Yankees 8, Pirates 4, top 6

- Lots o'green here today. From my perch up here in the press box, McKechnie Field looks like a bowl of pea soup with a pulse. And those lime green bases are the soaked croutons.
- I just walked the boardwalk for the first time with a crowd. And believe me, there is a crowd. If today's attendance doesn't surpass last week's record of 8.439, I'll be shocked. It's a good vibe out there, with signs all over the place warning fans to keep their eyes out for baseballs. Good advice: Pirates shortstop Clint Barmes just a hit a home run off the boardwalk in left field, just above the scoreboard.
- Kevin Youkilis is perhaps the most recognizable Yankee here today, and he hasn't even logged a regular-season inning as a Yankee yet. Seems like a good guy, though. He was goofing around with Marty the Marauder and the Pirate Parrot before the game, and lobbed a baseball into the stands following infield practice.
- Youkilis has three RBIs and the Yankees, watered-down lineup and all, lead the Pirates 8-4 after five innings.

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