Monday, March 21, 2011

Some observations...


Some observations from McKechnie...
- A yellow hilighter is still on the net above home plate after it fell from the press box during Sunday's game. It does look good up against the Pirates bright yellow unis.
- For a guy drafted as a catcher and tried at nearly every other position, Neil Walker looks like a natural at second base. (It doesn't hurt, of course, that he spent most of the spring working with Hall-of-Famer Bill Mazeroski...). He has two putouts and four assists today, and made a quick pivot to turn a nifty double play in the fifth inning.
- Pedro Alvarez has as many home runs as he does errors this spring. The bad news? That number is zero. The good news? That number is zero.
- Shelby Ford, one of last year's Bradenton Marauders, has just entered the game as a second baseman. I'm looking forward to Marauders season, and curious to see if more people come out to watch these guys play.
- Some Twins fans in the bleachers have copied the Roll Call made famous by the Yankees' Bleachers Creatures. Call me crazy, but "Ma-at Tol-bert!" doesn't sound as good as "Der-ek Jeet-er!"
- It's 2-1 Twins, top of the 7th.

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